Learn more about me and the issues that I wish to address. With your help, we can make Muncie better than ever.


Graduate - Indiana Wesleyan University, Cum Laude

                    Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management

Graduate - Indiana State Police Command College

Graduate - Indiana State Police Academy

Graduate – Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Financial Crimes Investigations Course

Graduate – John Reid & Associates Interview and Interrogation School

Graduate – Gallagher-Westfall  Management School


Corruption erodes economic freedom by introducing insecurity and uncertainty into economic relationships. I have a long career in Law Enforcement and the experience in Political Corruption Investigations to reduce this issue.  I will lead my administration to the utmost Ethical Standards in City Government.    


My Administration will enhance the safety, security and quality of life of residents of Muncie. We will encourage citizen engagement and involvement, and respect and value diversity throughout the community.

UNITY – Diversity and Inclusion

My Administration will strive  to be a model of diversity and inclusion. My staff will reflect the many faces, cultures and walks of life that proudly make up our world.


We will respect, value and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. I believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively address the issues that face our community. It is my aim, therefore, that our community partners, strategies and investments reflect these core values.


diversity.: the quality of being different or unique at the individual or group level. This includes age; ethnicity; gender; gender identity; language differences; nationality; parental status; physical, mental and developmental abilities; race; religion; sexual orientation; skin color; socio-economic status; work and behavioral styles; the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation, experiences and culture—and more. Even when people appear the same on the outside, they are different!


inclusion.: a strategy to leverage diversity. Diversity always exists in social systems. Inclusion, on the other hand, must be created. In order to leverage diversity, an environment must be created where people feel supported, listened to and able to do their personal best.


We will work with community partners to support economic growth for the city.  We will develop a work program for citizens who may have a blemish on their record that may affect their employment opportunities. 

Statement of Principle

My Administration will foster and promote an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of diverse individuals and organizations so that we can collectively and effectively create opportunities for a better life for all.


We will take the broadest possible view of diversity, going beyond visible differences to affirm the essence of all individuals including the realities, background, experiences, skills and perspectives that make each person who they are.  Engaging the power of diverse talent and partners results in innovative solutions and the community ownership necessary to address complex community issues.


Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what makes Muncie flourish.